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We Buy: Gold, Silver, Platinum is the world's largest interactive Christian website. After 168 months, Liveprayer has over 20,000 visitors daily. There are over 2,500,000 people subscribed to receive the Daily Devotional that founder Bill Keller has written daily since Liveprayer signed on over 10 years ago. Every day we receive over 40,000 email prayer requests that a ministry team emails personaly responds to. We have an archive of over 7,000,000 praise reports from people who requested prayer from Liveprayer. Most important, there have been over 700,000 people that we are aware of who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. In addition, for 6 years, Liveprayer did 1650 "live" daily TV and radio programs on major national secular broadcast networks.

The Jonah Project was established in July, 2008 to call this nation to repentance and to turn back to God & the Truth of the Bible, as well as give every soul world wide the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. The key will be a national daily presence on SECULAR television and radio. Gold for Souls is how we will fund our TV & radio presence.

I am asking you to do four things for me today. 1) Go to: . Watch the vision video to fully understand the vision of the Jonah Project and get signed up. 2) Make a donation of your old gold, jewelry, diamonds, and precious items through the Gold for Souls website. 3) Forward this website to every person you know and encourage them to donate some of their old gold and jewelry, plus ask them to forward this website to all of the people they know. 4) PRAY! With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

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